How to play this game

  • Spot the difference between the pictures
  • Click on the things that you think are different
  • If your guess is wrong, time will be deducted instead
  • You win the game if you manage to spot all the differences within the time limit given
Can you spot the ugly duckling?
Even certified genuises cannot solve this puzzle
Care for an all day lollipop?
Notice the irregularity of the photo
There's gold at the end of the rainbow
Who is the superhero riding the motorbike?
Babies who love bathing grow up to become geniuses
Who stands out among the crowd?
Only an expert on animals can figure out this puzzle
A test of courage against the horrors of Halloween
Learn about the various types of farm animals
If you haven't played basketball you can't solve this puzzle
Can you identify the pattern between letters and balloons?
Can you figure out the fruits and vegetables used to make this salad?
Which item is a lollipop and which item is a balloon?
Study what makes fruits different from vegetables
Check out the various kinds of insects
Find out what is different about the animals
Is there something out of place here?
If you can't solve this puzzle then you don't know how to count
Play this game and learn how to milk cows
Swim for your life!
Which colors belong in a rainbow and which do not?
You can't solve this puzzle if you aren't a train conductor