How to play this game

  • Spot the difference between the pictures
  • Click on the things that you think are different
  • If your guess is wrong, time will be deducted instead
  • You win the game if you manage to spot all the differences within the time limit given
Can you spot the ugly duckling?
Even certified genuises cannot solve this puzzle
Care for an all day lollipop?
Who is the superhero riding the motorbike?
Finger paint using colors of the rainbow
Do dogs and ducks belong together?
Which shapes are natural and which are not?
Can you spot where butterflies are different?
Swim for your life!
Discover how to swim in a bathtub full of candy
Magical crayons that will brighten your day
Which colors belong in a rainbow and which do not?
Learn the difference between elephant and giraffe
A logic puzzle that has frustrated even math experts
This game will teach you how to eat lollipop without getting cavities
Can you identify the pattern between letters and balloons?
Know your fruits and vegetables
Learn to cross the street without getting hit
Can you discover what's not the same?
Have you seen this kind of monster before?
What's behind the cat?
Name the different melons
You can't solve this puzzle if you aren't a train conductor
Who doesn't belong in this picture?